Sample Information

Download and print 'actual scale' wallpaper sample's!          (on your home printer)

Get an immediate idea of how the design will look on your wall!

It's simple all you need to do is:-

1. Select the design you want to try.

2. Click on the 'print sample' icon on the product page (see graphic).

3. Open the PDF file when prompted.

4. Once a separate window has opened with your design select print.

(V IMPORTANT! Ensure your printer is set up to print at A4 size)

5. Hold the design to the desired area to get an immediate idea of how the wallpaper will look on your wall!


7. We also supply  A4 sample's of actual product please select 'Request Product Sample' and provide your address and we will post a sample to you. Samples are just 0.75p each and free postage.

(when doing this the system will request that the user make payment please select this button and your request will be completed after you have included your payment details).

If you have any problems or query's whatsoever don't hesitate to contact us!


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